I am a Southern Florida based artist,  surrounded by a wonderful network of friends,  (and my best buds, my dogs Cora & Reese) who have been very instrumental in supporting  and  helping me to rebuild and move forward in life and into my artistic journey.

After years of  having to put my artistic side on the back burner I once again found my artistic creativity and this time I am not letting go. This journey has led me into a huge variety of mediums from watercolor, acrylic painting, copic markers, colored pencils, mixed media and so much more.

My passion for art is something I love to share with others, teaching, coaching and just supporting people in their own artistic endeavors. I love to shock people, that think they have no creativity, by sharing and teaching them how to tap into that part of themselves. The surprise and joy on their faces, when they complete a project they didn’t think they could do, is priceless! Remember,  there are “NO” mistakes or bad pieces in art, there is nothing that you can't change. If you don't like your artistic creation, then it's not finished. Just look for other opportunities to be even more creative and transform it into something new.  Have fun discovering your own little tricks, ask other creatives for suggestions or just put that piece aside for a while and start something new. 

I am inspired by the simple things in life. A smile given, the sparkle of light dancing upon the morning dew, a single daisy in a field, a blotch of red color in an otherwise drab setting, a child chasing butterflies, everyday beauty and simplicity.  Those simple things are my anchor in life, they ground me and help me to remember that there is always hope.  No matter how dark my life got, how bleak or seemingly hopeless things felt, I looked for those simplicities and always found them. If I could not find them, I created them, they were my silver threads of hope to hang onto until I was able to move on. Inspiration is always with us. It doesn't always hit us with the big "ah hah" moments and often it comes after we actually "begin" not before.

Thank you so much for joining me on this artistic journey.  It is my hope that each of you will try everyday to live , enjoy and love Yourself! Don't let the daily mundane routines in life push and pull you where you wish not to go, create your own path. You are a beautiful, precious, worthy, creative soul and you deserve so very much!

Hugs and Love from Ranae’